Stihl SE 133 ME M

1.4 kW • 250 mbar • 4,500 l/min

Full wet and dry vacuum cleaners with automatic switch-on function in Dust class M. Automatic filter cleaning without loss of suction power, automatic volume flow monitoring, infinitely variable speed control, with adapter plates for carrying tool boxes, anti-static accessories also for extraction on battery-powered electric power tools.

Stihl SE 122

1.5 kW • 250 mbar • 3,700 l/min

With multiple filter system, integrated accessories box and suction tube holder. Wet and dry vacuuming options, filter cleaning, filter element/bag, castors with locking brakes, stainless steel handle with quick-release coupling.

Stihl SE 62

1.4 kW • 210 mbar • 3,600 l/min

 For clearing up dust, dirt and liquids, indoors and outdoors. Wet and dry vacuuming options, blower function activated by moving the suction tube to the exhaust port, multiple filter system, filter cleaning, switchable floor nozzle, universal nozzle, crevice nozzle.

Stihl KG 770

13kgs, sweeping width 77cm, Container capacity 50L

Keeping large areas tidy with a broom is hard work. The KG 770 sweeper provides a great solution to this challenge. With a 50 litre bin and the ability to collect soft drink cans, cleaning up the shed or factory will take no time and less effort. The STIHL MultiClean PLUS sweeping system allows for up to 1500 m² of neatly swept surfaces wet or dry. The variable height can be easily adjusted in a matter of seconds. The brushes on each side allow the sweeping to be done hard against curbs or walls. Weighing in at just 13kg, the sweeper can be easily transported with minimal effort.

Stihl KG 550

6kg, sweeping width 55cm, Container capacity 25l

The KG 550 push sweeper is the entry level push sweeper designed for the occasional user, for cleaning up smooth or uneven surfaces such as asphalt, concrete or pavers around the home, shed or carport. Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, using the KG 550 sweeper can complete the job six times faster than using a broom. With a 25-litre easy access bin collecting and emptying is easy. The circular brushes on each side enable larger objects to be picked up, as well as allowing the sweeper to get up close to curbs and walls. Having adjustable height not only makes it easy to adjust to different surfaces, but also allows further adjustment as the roller wears low.

BAR 102 KL1600A

2175 PSI @ 8 Litres per Minute, 13Kg

Vertical structure, designed for maximum ergonomics and ease of use
Comet electrical pump with three axial pistons arranged vertically with pump at the bottom and an all-metal construction without any plastic used for the structural components
EASY-START device / TotalStop device
Motor thermal protection
230V Electric Motor
10A Outlet
Comet Aluminum Axial Pump
2800 RPM Pump Speed
Mobile Unit with Wheels
Hose Reel on Back
Accessories included:
8 Metres of hose, Adjustable & Rotating Nozzle Heads, Gun & Lance, Foam Lance, Fixed Brush
Supplied ready to go

BAR 102 KLS1600

2175psi @ 8.0L/min

  • Cold water cleaner with electric motor
  • Imduction type motor with thermal protection
  • Three-piston axial pump with aluminum head
  • Ergonomic handle with lance and gun housing
  • TotalStop device
  • Plastic wheels Ø 17.5 cm with rubber covering

240V 10amp Electric Motor
Comet 3 Piston Axial Pump w/ aluminium head
Built In Unloader Valve
Sturdy Plastic Body
Mobile with Wheels

8 Metres of hose, 2 Nozzle choices, gun & lance & foam nozzle
Supplied ready to go

Stihl RE 163 Plus

145 – 1958 psi • 10.8 l/min • 27.6 kg

The robust high-end cleaner in the mid range, offering exceptional comfort. Hose reel with 12 m steel-reinforced high-pressure hose, flat textile hose with holder, brass pump head, low-wear, ceramic coated pistons, pressure/flow control, pressure gauge, integrated detergent tank and metering.


Stihl RE 120

145 – 1813 psi • 13.3 l/min • 20.0 kg

Powerful 125-bar high-pressure cleaner with additional quality features. Cleaning agent spray set with dosable spray bottle, high quality aluminium additional transport handle on the underside, sturdy and durable 8 m steel-reinforced high-pressure hose.

Stihl RE 110

145 – 1595 psi • 7.3 l/min • 17.6 kg

Comfortable 110 bar high-pressure cleaner with additional equipment to the RE 90. Long sprayer with soft handle for comfortable work, aluminium telescopic handle, storage compartment on the side with integrated nozzle and power cable storage, quick-release coupling on the high-pressure outlet, 7 m textile high-pressure hose.

Stihl RE 95 plus

145 – 1450 psi • 8.7 l/min • 10.1 kg

Lightweight and compact 100 bar high-pressure cleaner with integrated hose reel. Aluminium pump head, integrated wheel kit, cleaning agent spray set with spray bottle, rotary nozzle, adjustable fan jet nozzle with pressure regulation, quick-release coupling on the lance, park position for switching off the sprayer during breaks in work, 6 m high-pressure hose, transport handle.

Stihl RE 90


Lightweight and compact high-pressure cleaner with extensive features. Aluminium pump head, integrated wheel kit, cleaning agent spray set, rotary nozzle, adjustable fan jet nozzle with pressure regulation, anti-drill quick-release coupling on the trigger, park position for switching off the sprayer when taking breaks, 6 m high-pressure hose, transport handle.

Stihl KGA 770

16kg1, Sweeping width 77cm, waste container 50L

The KGA 770 is the top of the line in the new manual sweeper range from STIHL. The high performance of the STIHL 36V AP 160 lithium-ion battery, in conjunction with the STIHL MultiClean PLUS sweeping system, allows for up to 2000 m² of neatly swept surfaces wet or dry. The variable height can be easily adjusted in a matter of seconds. The large opening allows objects as big a soft drink can to be quickly swept away. Weighing in at just 16kg, the sweeper can be easily transported with minimal effort. The sweeper can be used manually when recharging.


1) Without battery