Stihl FS-KM brushcutter1

Brushcutter Kombi attachment with AutoCut 25-2 mowing head, for mowing and trimming over grown areas of grass. Compatible with all Stihl KombiEngines.

Stihl FS-KM brushcutter1 Metal Blade

Add this double sided reversible steel slashing blade to your KombiTool collection and you will be able to attack the toughest grass and weeds with ease. Approved for all KombiEngines it makes light work of the hardest tasks. Replacement blades available. Not for trimming around obstacles.

Stihl FCS-KM edge trimmer4

FCS-KM is a versatile straight-shaft edger attachment that gives precision to garden edging. The STIHL KombiSystem straight lawn edger attachment cleans up edges with more power; the open guard design for smoother cutting and less clogging and features a depth control wheel for greater precision. When your landscaping lines are overrun with dense growth, choose the FCS-KM straight lawn edger attachment. •Compatible with all Stihl KombiEngine

Stihl KW-KM power sweep

Many applications from clearing fine dirt to clearing water from large surface areas.

Stihl BF-KM pick tine

Specifically designed for tilling small areas and between established garden rows. Rotator blade is 240mm diameter, giving ample soil depth preparation.

Stihl KB-KM bristle brush

Robust bristle brush for sweeping driveways, roadways or large cobbled areas.

Stihl HL-KM 145° long-reach hedge trimmer

For demanding work on high hedges and use close to the ground. Adjustment mechanism that can be set in increments, space-saving carrying position, bar length: 50 cm, total length: 148 cm. Weight: 2.3 kg.

Stihl SP-KM harvester

The STIHL KombiSystem Special harvester makes cultivation of small fruits and nuts a breeze. A new addition to the STIHL KombiSystem range of attachments, the SP-KM Harvester is a lightweight and low-vibration attachment. The two separately angled rakes are very effective in harvesting small fruits such as olives, nuts and pistachios. Designed primarily for private and commercial harvesting applications. •Compatible with KM 56 RC-E and KM 94 RC-E KombiEngines only •Low in vibration and light in weight – easy to use

Stihl FH-KM 145° scrub cutter

A short-angled blade attachment for cutting close to the ground without stooping and trimming tops of high hedges from ground level.

Stihl HT-KM pole pruner

A long-reach Pole Pruner attachment for pruning, trimming and cutting high branches in commercial arboricultural applications.

Stihl BG-KM blower

Paths and surfaces can be cleared of leaves, grass cuttings or powdered snow quickly and easily. Lightweight with high blowing capacity.

Stihl Shaft extensions

Carbon fibre lightweight shaft extension for the STIHL KombiSystem, allows an extra meter reach with the KM-HT and KM-HL KombiTools. Aluminium outer shaft, extra light. Weight 0.9kgs.

Honda SSBCU Brushcutter

•Designed for cutting and clearing, making lawn maintenance easy  

•Ergonomically designed easy-grip loop handle

•Durable ‘tap and go’ nylon head


Honda SSHHSU – Hedge trimmer (short Shaft)

•A lighter, more compact version of the Hedgetrimmer (long shaft)

•Perfect for the domestic operator

•Features a 550mm double-sided blade with a 90mm shaft length

Honda SSHFL– Hedge trimmer (Long Shaft)

•540mm double-sided blade

•Adjustable joint allows for left and right pivot

•New fold-over design for easier storage

•Includes anti-snapping guard

Honda SSPPU – Pruner

•Designed for trimming, pruning and cutting high branches

•Features a 12” bar length with a 3/8” Oregon saw chain

•Suitable for domestic and commercial settings

•Overall pruner length 1065mm

Honda SSCLU – Cultivator

•Makes tilling, aerating and cultivating of soil easy

•170mm width makes the cultivation of garden beds and lawns simple and stress-free

Honda SSBLU – Blower

•One of the most compact and lightweight blower attachments available

 •Easily keeps gardens paths, driveways, lawns and verandas free of leaves and debris. 

Honda SSETU – Edger

•The perfect tool to keep unsightly weeds and grass from popping up

• Easy-to-use adjustable height mechanism 

Honda SSESLU – Extension Pole

•Lightweight extension pole allows for more reach with an extra 1085mm length

•Suitable for the Pruner and Hedgetrimmer (short shaft) attachments