MM 56

Powerful MultiEngine for all STIHL MultiTools


27.2 cm³ / 0.85 kW / 1.2 hp

8.3 kg

For a very wide range of tasks in lawn maintenance, soil cultivation and surface cleaning. A wide range of STIHL MultiTools, folding frame for easy transport, simplified start-up sequence for comfortable starting, stop button, and paper air filter.

Cultivator Blade For BF-MM and BK-MM

Varies the working depth and speed when cultivating the soil by lightly lifting or lowering the tool into or out of the soil.

Wheel Kit For use with MF-MM, KW-MM, FS-MM & KB-MM

Allows the tool to be lifted slightly, thus reducing the resistance due to friction when dethatching, brushing and sweeping. Improves manoeuvrability.

Weight Kit For use with BF-MM & BK-MM

An ideal addition for cultivating. Increases the pressure on the tool and ensures better depth penetration in the ground.

FS-MM - Grass Trimmer

Now you can turn your STIHL MultiEngine into a quality wheeled trimmer, adding ease and convenience to your trimming tasks.

FC-MM - Edge Trimmer

Edge Trimmer MultiTool

Perfectly cuts edges, deep-penetrating as far as the roots.

RL-MM - Aerator

Aerator MultiTool

Uniformly perforates the surface of the lawn so that it can breath again, thus considerably improving the supply of nutrients and root growth.

BK-MM - Bolo Tine

Bolo Tine MultiTool

Spreads fine, sandy soil and crumbles large sods of earth. Perfect for precision work.

BF-MM - Pick Tine

Pick Tine MultiTool

Even hard or heavy loam soil is broken up easily and loosely. Ideal for recultivation, loosening the soil or compact planting.

MF-MM - Dethatcher

Dethatcher MultiTool

Removes moss and matted growth from the lawn surface. Complete with guard extension.

KB-MM - Bristle Brush

Bristle Brush MultiTool

Thouroughly removes dirt and stains from paved areas or uneven natural stone surfaces. Guard extension included.

KW-MM - Power Sweeper

Power Sweeper MultiTool

Thoroughly clears flat surfaces of dirt, sand, gravel and fallen leaves. Ideal for sweeping footpaths and roads. Guard extension not included.